I sort of do expect every boy in spain to look like this so I hope it’s true

I sort of do expect every boy in spain to look like this so I hope it’s true

Tuesday Apr 15 01:41am

sometimes (all the time) I have to step back from myself and all of these negative things I feel to remember

baltimore will always be there and so will a place to sleep at night whether it’s a feather bed or a floor in my down coat

there will always be nighttime walks and watermelon

Tuesday Apr 15 01:40am


“Love Poem
It’s so nice
to wake up in the morning
all alone
and not have to tell somebody
you love them
when you don’t love them
any more.”

Saturday Mar 29 02:41pm
Saturday Mar 29 02:40pm

you know when you don’t want someone to be harmed but you just want to watch them slowly fade away top to bottom into this mist so they’re never in your life again

Saturday Mar 29 02:39pm
Friday Mar 28 01:03am
Thursday Mar 27 03:39pm
something to think about

you hear all the time that women are more “emotional,” that we “want a connection” to the people we’re having sex with, that we need to “care about” and “be cared about by” those people

the problem, for me, for many of the women I call my friends, women I like and dislike, whatever, is the build up. text me every day for a week, text me goodnight, how are you, call me beautiful.

and I don’t even like you really, you’re boring honestly, but who doesn’t like being called beautiful? you’re not the love of my life, I haven’t lusted after you for years, I don’t even care about you

"be careful of her she’ll fall in love with you"

have you ever been held close after, had your back rubbed, he plays with your hair and you hug for a little too long?

and then you see each other the next day and say nothing?

no more “you’re beautiful” or “how was your day?”

even if you didn’t like it, it was weird, he was bossy and it made you feel like a child, or you just aren’t into the same things, you’re like what the fuck did I do wrong?

and it’s all a trick ya know? because you’re great and you didn’t do anything wrong but it makes you mad anyway, so now you’re “emotional” and you “want a connection” and you’re like fuck is it all true?

"boys do this amazing thing where you don’t even like them but if they make you hate yourself enough then you’re like “well okay” and that is what having good game means"

at the end of the day you just gotta be like I’m a badass bitch ya know?

Thursday Mar 27 03:12pm
Thursday Mar 27 01:11am
Wednesday Mar 26 04:31am
Tycho - Awake

Awake is like a soundtrack to a sunbaked road trip, capturing the inexplicable nostalgia one feels while imagining a new life in a new town.”

Wednesday Mar 26 01:05am

as a 20 yr old I intend to be
-more straightforward
-less of an idiot

Tuesday Mar 25 02:38am
my down coat makes me feel safe is that weird? Monday Mar 24 09:46pm
Monday Mar 24 10:01am


remember when “hang out” actually meant “hang out” and not “fuck”?

…me neither

Monday Mar 24 09:59am
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